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It’s been a while since we last took a look at the state of computer hardware. The more powerful your computer is, the faster you’ll be able to render your visual effects. It’s not quite that simple, though - with graphics cards costing anything from $50 to $4000, how do you know where to start?

Whether you’re upgrading individual components or buying a pre-built rig, it’s good to know what kind of spec to aim for when running HitFilm. The good news is that there’s a huge range of …

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If you’ve been waiting a little longer than usual for a response to a support ticket it’s because we’ve had a few gremlins creep into the system. Fortunately this has only affected a small number of tickets and we are catching up on the backlog as fast as we can. Needless to say, the gremlins have been eliminated with extreme prejudice.

Apologies to anyone who is waiting for a response - you should hear from us very soon.
Thank you all for your

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This year we’ve been expanding the HitFilm landscape with the HitFilm 2 Express giveaway and the new HitFilm Plugins. It’s now time to focus on you, our users, and find out exactly what you all think of HitFilm, how you heard about us and what you’d like to see in the future.

By entering our short HitFilm survey, you’ll be helping us make all future HitFilm software the best it can be AND you get the opportunity to win a GoPro just by entering. Even if you don’t win, you’ll still …

Visual effects techniques are universal, meaning that they apply no matter which software you're using. We designed HitFilm to be adaptable and comparable to much more expensive software, opening up a whole world of tutorials beyond our own official videos.

A case in point is Videocopilot's fantastic collection of VFX tutorials. Andrew Kramer is a VFX and motion graphics professional and he's responsible for some of the best tutorials over the last few years. Although Andrew tends to focus on …

It happens when they change something.

The tweaks to the community that some of you have been noticing are all about laying the groundwork for future projects. By removing little-used features we can focus on what really matters: making sure the blog is a great reading experience; tweaking the forum to be an even better arena for detailed filmmaking discussion; enhancing the movie wall's curation process. It's about positioning the website to be ready for what's coming up.

2014 is a pivotal …

Jun 10 2014

May/June community roundup

Posted by KirstieT

Our semi-regular community roundup is back for May/June. We’ve had some really great submissions to the movie wall in the last month, and countless other inspiring and informative discussions in the forums.

To start us off, here is the short META, created by OrangePekoeMedia (winners of one of HitFilm’s very first competitions). Some incredible VFX, choreography and imagination makes this one of their best. Pay particular attention to the reflective drone chasing the main character, and …

Another week, another quick tip from Simon that applies to both HitFilm 2 Ultimate and HitFilm Plugins in After Effects.

We've seen a few reviewers and users miss this feature, where you can link any effect that generates 3D content to your 3D camera - so we thought we'd put together a short video to make sure it's all clear.

By linking your effects to a 3D camera you can the most out of HitFilm's effects. Try it out with atomic particles, gunfire, shatter or 3D extrusion

Film Riot is 5! We love the show, which manages to blend humour and genuinely useful filmmaking info in every single episode, and we're really pleased to be part of their 5th anniversary celebrations.

Back in early 2013 when we were gearing up for the HitFilm for Mac Kickstarter, Ryan Connolly was also getting ready to review HitFilm on PC, and everything synced up rather nicely. His support gave the campaign a huge boost, for which we're exceedingly grateful. Ryan's a reviewer who properly …

Although HitFilm 2 Ultimate shares many concepts with other compositing software, there are differences here and there. That's where the awesome HitFilm community steps in, providing a translation service of sorts. Michael James recently asked in the Making water topic a very simple question: is it possible to make a realistic ocean inside HitFilm?

Tooshka, Triem and rgbii debated various approaches and multiple project files were thrown around before patrick entered the fray with a technique …

Our favorite online filmmaking show has been around for five years! Film Riot and its bearded menagerie of talented filmmakers, led by the inimitable Ryan Connolly, are celebrating with a huge prize giveaway of over 100 products, ranging from software and subscriptions to major camera gear. To have a chance of winning something all you have to do is send in a birthday message - check out the video for full details.

Film Riot figured out really early what we're doing with the HitFilm project …

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