If you've been using HitFilm for a while chances are you've already seen the Project One tutorial, designed to get new users up to speed as quickly as possible. It introduces the interface, explains HitFilm's unique hybrid NLE-compositor workflow and touches upon its visual effects capabilities. If you're new and haven't seen it before, you can find it above.

After you've finished Project One, though, what next? Well, we have over 130 free video tutorials ready for you to watch but until now …

Visual effects techniques are universal, meaning that they apply no matter which software you're using. We designed HitFilm to be adaptable and comparable to much more expensive software, opening up a whole world of tutorials beyond our own official videos.

A case in point is Videocopilot's fantastic collection of VFX tutorials. Andrew Kramer is a VFX and motion graphics professional and he's responsible for some of the best tutorials over the last few years. Although Andrew tends to focus on …

Did you know that there are over 120 tutorials on our YouTube channel? Today we're launching a semi-regular blog series in which we highlight a classic tutorial, so that newer users get a chance to see something they may have missed on its initial release.

For the first in the Second look: series, we're going to take a look back at some classic tutorials focusing on mobile emitters - one of the most powerful features in HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

When we first announced the introduction of mobile …

Feb 6 2014

New VFX tutorial: Fireball

Posted by KirstieT

Well, it’s finally here! It’s been a while since we first announced that this fireball tutorial was being made and due to workload it was being pushed back again and again – but we know that it’s been worth the wait.

Made primarily to show you how much you can achieve with limited or inexpensive equipment (look out for the glowing turtle!) and HitFilm 2 Ultimate, this tutorial goes in depth and step by step through this amazing effect, created by Simon and covering procedural fire …

You may have heard that we're giving away HitFilm 2 Express for free! In just days of running the offer we're already approaching 30,000 new users of HitFilm, which is phenomenal and real evidence of the passion for filmmaking that exists all around the world.

If you're one of the new arrivals we highly recommend checking out our new series of free tutorials which take you through your first HitFilm project. First click here to download the sample project, then hit play on the videos below:

Axel has uploaded the second part of his raindrops tutorial for your viewing pleasure. This one expands on his previous tutorial, "Create raindrops on your lens using particles" where he taught you how to create a 'spattering of rain' effect on your windows.

Part 2 will teach you how to use particles to create a 'dripping' effect where the water runs down the window in rivulets instead of just hitting the window.

Enjoy, and as always, feel free to leave your questions in the comment section …

Posted image

The Fire effect has been included in HitFilm since version 1 but we've rarely focused on it in tutorials. That's about to change with our upcoming fireball tutorial which dives head-first into how to get great results.

It's a good example of HitFilm's 'toolkit' nature, which makes it possible to combine and customize as many effects and features as you need, without restrictions. In this shot there's a whole bunch of stuff going on in combination:

• Green screen source footage with the head and …

Axel is back - and we have missed him!

This tutorial was worth waiting for - he teaches you how to produce realistic looking spattering of rain on your camera lens (something you can apply to any surface).

Revolving around a simple concept using particles, he walks all HitFilm users through it step by step.

One you definitely want to watch!
Let us know what you think and if you have any comments, post them

Nov 6 2013

Create your own planet!

Posted by Simon K Jones

Majahr is back with another stellar tutorial, this time teaching you everything you need to know about creating your own planet (in HitFilm). The techniques covered here are simple but hugely useful and versatile.

While Majahr creates a distant view of the Earth, the same approach could be used to create closer, low-orbit shots. So if you've been wanting to recreate the incredible shots seen in Gravity, this tutorial is a good starting point. We'd love to see somebody take these concepts to …

As many of you know, the team are rushed off our feet getting the beta testing phase of the HitFilm for Mac sorted, but the good news is that we’ve already received coverage from Photography Blog and HEXUS.net, who confirmed to the public the release date of 4th November 2013.

Prepare yourselves and be sure you put aside a day to enjoy the release!

However, in the meantime, it is proving even more difficult to produce lengthy tutorials in the office. Luckily we have such a great, talented …

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